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SWANA has grown to be an International Association, the Southern California Founding Chapter has remained an active contributor to the education, development and training of its members...Our story.  Learn more about SWANA >
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Upcoming Events

Next MOLO Course
Fresno CA

Course Location and Hotel Reservation Information
April 9 – 11, 2024
Double Tree
2233 Ventura Street
Fresno, CA 93721

Save the Date!
May 20 - 23, 2024

Western Regional Symposium
Managing Waste and Resources in a Circular Economy

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SWANA has a strong commitment to safety and is determined to help move the waste collection industry off of the federal government’s list of 10 most dangerous jobs and reduce accidents and injuries. SWANA's safety initiatives represent part of that effort.

SWANA recognizes that, in the solid waste industry safety matters!


Southern California SWANA Superior Service Award

SoCal SWANA Chapter wants to recognize SWANA members for valuable and distinguished contributions to SWANA, the individual’s employing organization, the general public and the field of Solid Waste Management in general. Nominations for the award will be accepted from SWANA members and non-members. However, the nominee must be a SWANA member.

If you know or work with someone whose contributions fit the qualifications listed above, please submit your nomination with a detailed justification not to exceed one page by clicking on the link here. The award once approved by the board will be presented at one of our workshops.

Click here to submit your nomination!


We celebrate bringing in new members into the organization!
During WASTECON, the Southern California Founding Chapter was honored with an award for largest number increase in membership throughout North America. We celebrate this achievement and hope to continue to inspire and encourage professionals to join the organization. Whether you work for a public or private organization, are in management or operations, have an interest in all aspects of solid waste or just one—you’ll benefit in many ways by being a SWANA member!

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Business Networking



Everyone has their own reason for joining an association.  For some, it’s the networking opportunity.   For others, it’s the educational content.  MORE REASONS FOR JOINING...

SWANA is an organization of professionals committed to advancing from solid waste management to resource management through their shared emphasis on education, advocacy and research. LEARN MORE ABOUT SWANA...

Do I need to Renew My Membership?

SWANA members can check whether your membership is up for renewal.

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