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SWANA’s Backing Best Management Practices Guide

According to industry and OSHA data, backing represents approximately 25% of all injuries and accidents in the solid waste collection industry. Use this guide covering the industry’s best backing practices to educate employees to stay safe on the job.

The Solid Waste Association of North America would like to thank Thomas Parker, PE, BCEE of Ch2M for the development of the backing best management practices guide. Mr. Parker would like to acknowledge the following resources, organizations and individuals which were consulted in the preparation of this document:

  • Wallace, Liz. “CDL Driver Guide to Best Practices for Safe Backing.” Web log post. Driving Ambition. Driving Ambition Inc., 09 Sept. 2012


  • National Waste & Recycling Association

  • Tabitha Laser, CSP, H&S Business Solutions Leader, CH2M

  • Anthony Miano, Solid Waste Manager, City of Tempe, Arizona

  • SWANA Safety Committee

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